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Ideas For Your Quest


Shopping list

SHOPPING LIST (you may have many of these things in your home, but I put everything on one list so you only had to go shopping ONCE for the whole month!): 

  • The Shepherd’s Treasure Verse/ Message cards. Once you and your children name the Shepherd, you can sign each one in the Shepherd’s name to make it more personal!
  • Day 1: Hot cocoa, marshmallows, and Christmas mugs
  • Day 3: Cookie decorating kit OR homemade cookie ingredients, sprinkles, frosting, and cookie cutters
  • Day 4: Red and white candy canes
  • Day 5: Miniature marshmallows
  • Day 6: Small flashlight, children’s bible (See Day 6 for links to children’s bibles)
  • Day 7: Toothpicks and marshmallows or gum drops
  • Day 8: Star ornament/tree topper
  • Day 9: An Operation Christmas Child box
  • Day 10: Stickers, markers, construction paper, glitter glue
  • Day 11: No additional items for this day!
  • Day 12: Toy truck OR car
  • Day 13: Kids’ worship CD and CD player (See Day 13 for links to children’s worship CDs)
  • Day 14: Kleenex box
  • Day 15: Small cross or bible
  • Day 16: Goldfish crackers and string
  • Day 17: Pancakes, doughnut holes, OR any special breakfast item
  • Day 18: Wise men figurines (See Day 18 for example purchased from Hobby Lobby)
  • Day 19: Strand of Christmas lights
  • Day 20: Sprinkles
  • Day 21: Frosting, coconut shavings and graham crackers OR store-bought gingerbread house kit. (Find gingerbread nativities here.) 
  • Day 22: Stapler OR tape, pen, and red and green construction paper OR Christmas wrapping paper.
  • Day 23: Cotton balls, paper plates, tape, white OR black paper, and craft glue (recommended: Elmer’s spray glue)
  • Day 24: Birthday candles, cake, and cake decorations (‘Go Jesus, It’s Your Birthday’ shirts are optional.  Purchase HERE.)
  • Day 25: Optional: Nativity stable (See day 15 for example purchased from Hobby Lobby)


Additional Ideas and Resources:  This is probably the best and most comprehensive page of Christian ideas that you could do with your Shepherd throughout the month of December in addition to the activities I presented above!  I Hope this helps some of you get creative and have fun making JESUS the reason for the season!



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